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My name is Fred Pelard, and I'd like to tell you a little bit about me, my live training, and my 6 online courses.

About Me

I'm a strategic thinking trainer, strategy consultant, facilitator & coach. I specialise in helping teams and organisations solve complex business problems. A French rocket-scientist by training, I've been been lecturing on strategic thinking and complex problem solving to the CEOs and management teams of major corporations and consulting firms around the world for the best part of 20 years.

I started my his career in management consulting (with Deloitte), and completed my MBA at INSEAD. I've been working as a strategist ever since, first with Kalchas (a medium-sized Bain and McKinsey spin-off) and then with Instigate Group, where I've worked with some of the leading organisations in media, FMCG, retail, financial services, defence, not-for-profit and consulting.

Based in London and working globally, I've clocked up 10,000 hours of applied strategic thinking at speed for clients. I currently divide my time between three areas of equal interest & excitement:

  • Designing & delivering strategic thinking talks (5 minute videos, 90 minute lectures, 2 day training, etc)
  • Facilitating strategy away-days for boards and management teams
  • Conducting high-impact strategy consulting projects & ideas generation challenges

Live Training

As you'll discover on my website, I've delivered since 2006 over 400 full-day training sessions, on strategic thinking & strategy formulation at speed. For over 7,000 happy alumni. Typically senior executives, and high potential talents, from central functions of large corporates (strategy, marketing, bus dev, finance, operations, HR, IT, etc).

The list of repeat clients on my 2-day "Strategic Thinking" training sessions is a long one. BBC, BAE Systems, Deloitte, Harper Collins, Janssen, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Strutt & Parker, Thomson Reuters, etc.

Online Courses

Not everyone works for a large corporate. With the resources to bring me in for 2 days of solid classroom training. The 6 online courses you'll find here on Thinkific are designed for you, the solo learner. You want to improve your strategic thinking skills, and accelerate your career. You might be a recent graduate, a recently promoted manager, or a more experience executive with serious new challenges on your hands.

Either way, the suite of courses you'll find here will help you along, towards much improved strategic thinking skills. 6 courses, 1 hour each, 12 videos of 5 minutes per course. 5 minutes. A perfectly manageable bitesize learning. On the tube, in the train, at lunch at your desk, etc. Find these tiny pockets of time, and get smarter. One video a day. Watch, reflect, and apply right away.

Pick the course you like best below, read its landing page, and get started with the FREE video:

Contact & Progress

Let me know how you're getting along at fred.pelard@me.com.